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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clifton Sanitation District have a recreational vehicle (RV) waste disposal site? 

This service is not available at this time.  However, there are facilities within our service area that provide that service.  An RV waste disposal site is located at the Clifton KOA near the intersection of Patterson and I-70 B.    

Is domestic septage from licensed commercial haulers accepted at the plant? 

No.   Clifton Sanitation District is not a receiving facility for domestic sewage from licensed haulers.

For what other types of situations would I contact the Clifton Sanitation District? 
  •  Sewage backup in home
  •  Sewer odor in basement
  •  Odor in the air
  •  Sewer maintenance crews working in area
  •  Interested in touring the Wastewater Treatment Plant
Why do maintenance crews cross my property? 
May contain: moving van, transportation, van, and vehicle

 It is unfortunate that in some cases utilities are located behind the property. The Wastewater Collection Division has to access the sanitary sewer manholes to perform routine and emergency operations. Easement agreements are written so that the owner of the utility is allowed to cross the property to perform the work. The District makes every effort to contact the property owners when it is necessary to enter private property to perform the work. 

May contain: person, worker, and outdoors