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Rates & Fees

Rate Comparison

CUSTOMER TYPE20202021202220232024
Residential, per EQU$30.75$30.75$31.82$31.82$33.00
Nonresidential (EQU<=1)
- First 4,000 gallons, per bill$30.75$30.75$31.82$31.82$33.00
- Over 4,000 gallons, per Kgal$5.13$5.13$5.31$5.31$5.52
Nonresidential (EQU>1)
- Base Charge, per EQU$8.70$8.70$9.00$9.00$9.36
- Volume Charge, per Kgal$5.13$5.13$5.31$5.31$5.52

Due to continued cost increases to provide wastewater collection and treatment, Clifton Sanitation District has adopted new rates for 2024.

Clifton Sanitation District has adopted a late fee increase to $5.00 per month. With this increase, late fees will now not be assessed until 45 days past the utility bill due date.

Clifton Sanitation District Tap Fees

Residential (per EQU)$6,100
Commercial (1" or smaller water meter and one EQU)$8,350
Commercial (1" or larger water meter and/or more than one EQU)Contact Us

EQU - Equivalent Residential Unit