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Wipes - Do Not Flush

Senate Bill 23-150 was passed in 2023 which requires labeling of products with "Do Not Flush" to identify those that have the potential to cause harm or operational issues to wastewater collection systems and treatment facilities with "Do Not Flush".

This requirement began on December 31, 2023 and products sold in Colorado must begin displaying this warning message. When non-compatible wipes are flushed, they cause numerous issues that can include sewer backups into homes or operational challenges at the wastewater treatment facility driving up operational costs and potentially harming the environment.

With this new labeling, it will become easier to identify products that will cause issues so they can be disposed of in the trash instead of through the sewer. 

Starting in 2024 watch for the "Do Not Flush" label and do your part to keep these products out of the sewer!