Clifton Sanitation and the Community

What we do

Here at the Clifton Sanitation District we inspect, maintain, and repair and/or upgrade more than 75 miles of wastewater collection and conveyance piping throughout the Clifton area. The wastewater collected by this system is directed to our 2.5 million gallons per day wastewater treatment facility where contaminates are removed though a multistage mechanical and biological process to allow for safe discharge to the Colorado River.

Treated water from our facility will be used downstream for recreation, such as boating or fishing, intake to drinking water facilities, and habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms. Water that is not returned to the Colorado River is used at our facility to water lawns and agricultural crops. Through the treatment process a byproduct called biosolids is generated, this is used as a soil amendment on District properties.

Water Environment Federation – George W. Burke, Jr. Facility Safety Award

The Clifton Sanitation District has been in business for 50 years (1967-2017) without a lost time accident or any recordable injuries.  They have a team commitment to safety and all members are dedicated to the established safety standards in all required areas such as confined space entry, emergency preparedness, personal protective equipment, and chemical safety.  This is shown through the Clifton District receiving a safety recognition certificate through the RMWEA safety committee over the past 5 years. 
Unique to this industry is the fact that the District matches one hour of vacation for each hour of personal time devoted to specific safety training opportunities assigned by the safety committee.  This is up to a maximum of 2 additional vacation days each year and shows the importance management puts on safety.  Along this line of incentivizing proactive safety actions and supporting employees, the safety shoe reimbursement was recently increased to $200 to ensure high quality footwear is available for all employees.  Simple actions like this have a tremendous impact on employee morale and attention to safety. 
Additionally, the District continually strives for improvement by conducting daily observations on safety, formal monthly inspections by staff, and annual audits by a third party.  As a relatively small Sanitation District, the Safety Program put in place by management and the employees is a dynamic example for the industry and facilities of all sizes.
Written by
Brian O’Malley
EHS Officer (Member of AWWA/RMWEA Emergency Prep./Security Committee)
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
July 2017

2017 District Safety Award
Clifton Sanitation District

The Safety District of the Year Award is presented to the District that has best demonstrated a commitment to safety that exceeds the expectations of its employees, the District’s Board, the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool, and its partners. The winners of this award are recognized for maintaining a work culture that prioritizes safety at every level. We are proud to present this inaugural award to Clifton Sanitation District. Clifton embodies the spirit of this program by maximizing the Pool’s loss prevention resources and placing a proactive emphasis on their safety program. Together, their ten employees have completed more than 150 hours of online training and participated in numerous in-person sessions. Congratulations to Clifton Sanitation for their leadership and commitment to the safety of their employees and their community.
Special Districts Association
September 2017
Office: (970) 434-7422
Emergency: (970) 986-1765