Rates and Fees

2016 Rates

Clifton Sanitation District (District) provides wastewater treatment and collection service to approximately 5,000 customers who represent about 8,000 equivalent residential units (EQU) with a population of 21,000 people.  The monthly sewer service charges are based upon the cost to collect, treat, and dispose of wastewater from one EQU. Clifton Sanitation District is an Enterprise Fund, is self-supporting from its own revenue sources, and does not receive any revenues from property or sales taxes. Charges for collection and treatment of wastewater comprise the funds for operations, maintenance, and debt service.
The District adopted a transition to cost of service rates over a multi-year period to mitigate customer bill impacts in 2011 to remain fiscally sound while paying for capital improvements and meeting regulatory laws and regulations.  For residential customers, the District intends to continue its historic method of assessing flat rates.  For commercial and industrial classifications, the District is transitioning to a consumptive use method of assessing rates and charges.  This will result in rate increases for most customers and rate decreases for some.  These fees are intended to be the final step of a five-year transition to cost-of-service rates.  The following table reflects the five-year rate structure adopted in 2011. 

Customer Type 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Residential, per EQU $26.40 $27.20 $28.10 $28.90 $29.70
Nonresidential (EQU<=1)          
First 4,000 gallons, per bill $26.40 $27.20 $28.10 $28.90 $29.70
Over 4,000 gallons, per Kgal $0.94 $1.91 $2.90 $3.91 $4.96
Nonresidential (EQU>1)          
Base Charge, per EQU $22.50 $19.10 $15.60 $12.10 $8.40
Volume Charge, per Kgal $0.94 $1.91 $2.90 $3.91 $4.96
Schools (Inside District)          
Base Charge, per EQU $7.00 $7.70 $7.80 $8.00 $8.40
Volume Charge, per Kgal $4.39 $4.45 $4.64 $4.83 $4.96
Whitewater, per Kgal $6.69 $6.85 $7.00 $7.24 $7.45
Schools (Outside District)          
Base Charge, per EQU $8.40 $9.30 $9.40 $9.60 $10.10
Volume Charge, per Kgal $5.27 $5.34 $5.57 $5.80 $5.96

The District’s residential rates are expected to increase January 1, 2016, by approximately 2.7%, or $0.80 per month.

Clifton Sanitation District Tap Fees

Single Family Home $5,700.00
(Per Living Unit)
Trailer Parks (Per space) $5,700.00
Whitewater Public Improvement District (WWPID) $3,850.00
Commercial Calculated per formula

Action to Keep Rates Down:

Clifton Sanitation District has retained Red Oak Consulting to conduct a wastewater rate study with the purpose of determining fair and equitable rates for its customers. Red Oak professionals have developed utility rates for over 70 Colorado entities including Grand Junction, Montrose, Craig, Steamboat Springs, Summit County Sanitation District and Aspen. Red Oak will develop a ten-year financial plan to determine the level of service fee revenue needed to meet future revenue requirements;  analyze the cost of providing wastewater service to single family, multifamily, schools and commercial customer classes;  and design adequate, equitable and understandable service fees.  The equitability of the current EQU (equivalent residential unit) service fee structure will be reviewed and alternative structures will be considered.
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