Clifton Sanitation and the Community

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide excellent wastewater service of the highest possible standards at the lowest practical cost in keeping with the sound business practice and public trust. We will conduct cooperative affairs with the highest degree of integrity. We will serve the needs of consumers fairly and impartially. We proclaim district development in the best interest of public health and to improve the harmony with the natural environment.

What we do

Here at the Clifton Sanitation District we inspect, maintain, and repair and/or upgrade more than 75 miles of wastewater collection and conveyance piping throughout the Clifton area. The wastewater collected by this system is directed to our 2.5 million gallons per day wastewater treatment facility where contaminates are removed though a multistage mechanical and biological process to allow for safe discharge to the Colorado River.

Treated water from our facility will be used downstream for recreation, such as boating or fishing, intake to drinking water facilities, and habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms. Water that is not returned to the Colorado River is used at our facility to water lawns and agricultural crops. Through the treatment process a byproduct called biosolids is generated, this is used as a soil amendment on District properties.

Office: (970) 434-7422
Emergency: (970) 986-1765